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7.- Pénzügyek: As the season in ProFurgol.com only lasts 16 weeks and as such it’s an agile and quick game, doing the economy every month will be very slow, and every day will be a madness, so it is structured week per week. We have tried build an economy which seems to be as real as possible in the easiest and simplest way. You can see your expenses weekly as well as your benefits of your team; on the main screen you can see the present week and the previous one, but if you want to make it more difficult and want to have more information about the economy of your team, you can click on the available pages each page will show you the incomes and expenses made/obtained so far, and it will give you a clear idea of the future situation and a reminder of what you have done throughout the whole or since your club was created. We’re going to revise the different aspects the Economy make available for you in the future.

7.00.-Csőd: It is very important to bear in mind, that if you don't have a positive balance you can't make any financial move. The ProFurgol bank gives you some breathing space though, they allow you to have a negative balance of -100.000€ before you're declared bankrupt. If you exceed this amount, the bank calls your team bankrupt as a result of that the Board will take serious measures. These measures can vary strongly but they are all aimed to cut costs, this can be by for example selling players. If the costs can't be cut, you won't be allowed to pay your players and staff and will protest. First they don't want to train, then they don't want to play and after 8 weeks you're officially declared bankrupt and your club will be closed. So it's very important to remember that you have 8 weeks to fix the problems in such situations. If you succeed fixing those problems the measures will be left and you'll be in full control again. If this does not happen, the Board of Directors will freeze your accounts so that you cannot pay your employers and they will rebel little by little; first, they will not train your players and juniors any more; then, angry, they will decide not to play so you will have less players to line up each week and finally, after 8 weeks, your club will be definitely closed due to Technical Bankrupt. Therefore we advice you to keep an eye on the finances.

7.01.-Előző heti egyenleg: The available money you had the previous week.

7.02.-Heti egyenleg: Difference between expenditure and entries of the actual week.

7.03.-Aktuális egyenleg: Rendelkezésedre álló pénzösszeg.

7.04.-Aktuális hét: It shows us all the expenses and deposits that we have done this week, having divided them into different accounts to have a better analysis.

7.05.-Előző hét: It shows us all the expenses and deposits that we did last week, having divided them into different accounts to have a better analysis.

7.06.-Bevételek: The money we get from different accounts as a positive balance.

7.07.-Kiadások: The money you have spend is divided into different accounts with fixed and varying expenses

7.08.-Fiókok: The finances in your club are separated over various accounts. In this way it's easy to refer to as well as being able to control your finances in a better way and thus be able to make a better medium-long strategy.

7.08.1-Profil Szponzorok: Here you get weekly information about your sponsor money. The better your position in the league as well as the better you fulfill your objectives, the more money you will receive. At the beginning of the season, in the first week all teams experience big differences in the amount of sponsor money they receive compared to the previous season. This is because the sponsor evaluates the team season per season and week per week. In the first 2 weeks you might receive a little bit less therefore. During the first two weeks of the season you may change your sponsor, there are 3 levels of risk: low, medium and high risk, this is important so think well about it (during a season changing is impossible). There will be three levels of risk: low, medium and high. Within each level you can choose the sponsor that we want to sponsor during the season, as the objective is to something the team manager should study well and make sure what you choose because during the season you can not change. During any time of the season can change the team sponsor but respecting the level chosen at the beginning of the season. The sponsors will reward those deemed most competitive leagues, especially considering the number of semibots on leagues. Obviously it is much easier to position itself above if semibots racing if you compete with other users. This means that revenues will not decline but those leagues with high competition (without semibots) will receive special attention from the sponsors of each club. Here's an explanation of each level (to choose your sponsor you should go to your Technical Secretariat): kockázat: A sponsor with low risk means that when you win and your position in the league is good weekly payment will not suffer, besides when you lose and have a lower position in the league the reduction will be small. By choosing this sponsor you're assured of more or less the same amount of sponsor money disregarded of winning or losing.ál kockázat: A sponsor with normal risk means that when you win and your position in your league is fine you will receive a proper week income but on the other hand if you lose and your league position is low the punishment will be normal. kockázat: A Sponsor with high risk means that when you win and your position in the league is good weekly payment will be very high and your budget will rise as the foam, but on the other hand if you lose and you have a lower position in the league the punishment will be severe.ács: If you're not sure your team is going to end high on the table it's advisable to choose Low Risk, in that case you will get less money but the sponsor won't be as demanding as when you choose High Risk. If you're in a league where you will get several ups and downs choose the medium risk. If you think you are in a league where you're the best or the second best don't hesitate to choose High Risk. You will much more money but will receive a lot less when you can't keep your promise. These are just advices, you're the manager so you know best what to pick it means you're responsible yourself though, the same goes when you made the right choice though.

7.08.2-Profil Stadion: Here you will get weekly information about the maintenance of your stadium and the income generated from the attendance in your stadium when playing at home.
7.08.3-Profil Piac: Here you will have information week after week of the expenditures and the profits that you obtain due to the sell and purchase of players, and also bonuses you get from youth players that have grown up in your team.
7.08.4-Profil Átigazolás: Here you will have information week after week of the expenditures and the profits that you obtain from salaries and commissions.
7.08.7-Profil ProFurgol.com Bank: Here you will have information week after week of the expenditures and the profits that you obtain due to your relation to ProFurgol.com. This account will be used for fines (debts) and prizes (Position in the league, Scorer, etc) that ProFurgol.com and its workers awarded.
7.08.8-Profil Fizetések: Here you have information week after week of the salary's expenditures of all the club's employees, players, coaches, juniors,... The better your team becomes, the bigger this quantity will be

7.09.-Pénz jutalmak: At the end of the season the bonus corresponding the achieved positions in the league will be distributed. To know how much you will receive you have to look to the table corresponding the league you're playing in.

· Osztály I
1ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 1.125.000€ 
2ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 788.000€ 
3ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 450.000€ 
4ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 285.000€ 
Egyenes feljutás : 0€ 
Feljutás osztályozó mérkőzéssel: 0€ 
Gólkirály: 105.000€ 
Csapatok a legtöbb góllal: 105.000€ 
A legkevesebb gólt kapott csapat.: 105.000€ 
· Osztály II
1ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 675.000€ 
2ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 473.000€ 
3ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 270.000€ 
4ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 165.000€ 
Egyenes feljutás : 443.000€ 
Feljutás osztályozó mérkőzéssel: 165.000€ 
Gólkirály: 75.000€ 
Csapatok a legtöbb góllal: 75.000€ 
A legkevesebb gólt kapott csapat.: 75.000€ 
· Osztály III
1ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 540.000€ 
2ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 375.000€ 
3ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 218.000€ 
4ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 135.000€ 
Egyenes feljutás : 353.000€ 
Feljutás osztályozó mérkőzéssel: 135.000€ 
Gólkirály: 60.000€ 
Csapatok a legtöbb góllal: 60.000€ 
A legkevesebb gólt kapott csapat.: 60.000€ 
· Osztály IV
1ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 420.000€ 
2ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 293.000€ 
3ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 165.000€ 
4ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 105.000€ 
Egyenes feljutás : 270.000€ 
Feljutás osztályozó mérkőzéssel: 105.000€ 
Gólkirály: 45.000€ 
Csapatok a legtöbb góllal: 45.000€ 
A legkevesebb gólt kapott csapat.: 45.000€ 
· Osztály V
1ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 330.000€ 
2ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 233.000€ 
3ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 135.000€ 
4ª Helyezése a bajnokságban: 83.000€ 
Egyenes feljutás : 218.000€ 
Feljutás osztályozó mérkőzéssel: 83.000€ 
Gólkirály: 30.000€ 
Csapatok a legtöbb góllal: 30.000€ 
A legkevesebb gólt kapott csapat.: 30.000€ 

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