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18-04-2009 12:33 - How did PRO start ?

When we had decided to create this game, the most important is to know what kind of game we would like to create and what should be the begining of it. The name of the game is very important, i'll public another article explaining why this name.

We thought that the most important to start should be the matches engine and skin. Livia started the skin, official logo... And I started with YRobla the first necesary steps from a blank page.

Skin was designed without frames with only one menu on the left with all options (all that you want you can find it in one link from this menu), as well it was necessary an space for publicity banners. This first design was made for a resolution 800*600, Livia hada lot of problems with text on menu and tables on principal place, because it had few space avaible in this resolution. Livia has never liked football. For that to make first icons and logos was very dificult for her, but she learned all very fast. She watched matches on TV with me and hearded sport programs on Radio. It was very funny to explain her the meaning off skills, training, offside...

In this link you can see the first design of PRO (First Design 800*600), the actual design is done for 1024*768 resolution.

Matches engine was my obsession from the begining. I thought and think that a very good matches engine is the most important in this kind of game, and I've allways had very clear that I wantes to create a game where I'm the first user happy, if not is ridiculous make something that you don't like, so I want to love it not only like it. The actual matches engine has more than 6.000 lines of code in PHP and 260Kb of size, only direct functions and routines, but if you catch also indirect functions probably would have more than 15.000 lines of code. We started this file in blank page without any idea how to start but with the idea of the result totally clear. YRobla and I started with the first functions, line-up, skill of players, zone of attack and defense, spectators. Many variables and more things that all of them could affect in every play of the match.

I want to create an engine with looks like as possible real football. In football all plays start in one place and end in another place with shot, fault, off-side... I had seen in other games that all plays started from nothing and in more cases only told then end of the play and it was very dificult to know how, when and why the reason for you scored a goal or fail an oportunity. For that I wanted to create plays starts in one zone of the field and the player who started playing it he was playing near this zone and didn't move from 100 meters of the other side in only one second lika a ghost. All plays in this game has some sense and for that is very very important make a good tactic and choose the focus of your attacks (this is like a trainer from his area shout to his players ordering how attack). In another article in future is possible to talk much more about matches engine.

After to finish the first version of matches engine (more than 10 months) without injurys, referee, national teams, cup matches. We started to develop the part that you can see now, the face of the game. To create something from nothing was a incredible and amazing experience.

Now the game needs more than 150 files working together, with many automatically scripts, other manual and other functions working from your finger and mouse (these are the most dangerous, because is impossible check all results of the one new application). The data base has now 1.5 Gb, more than 250 tables perfectly indexed to work so good and faster.

This is a litle briefing about how started PRO and how is working now. In next articles I maybe explain much better other thigs about it.

Pedro  ↔  12 Comments 

#1: 18-04-2009
 I have to go out, but i wait to read the article... impresive! yuo are great peter!

Very interesting... are you saying that the number of people tht go to the match can be important in the result! :O

#2: 18-04-2009
 We all are specting more news and more info about the 'matches engine'.... be sure!!!

#3: 18-04-2009
 Another excelent article, I love to read this "storys" :)

#5: 18-04-2009
 Nice work Pedro!!
Very interesting stories! :)

#9: 19-04-2009
 It's all growing so fast... :_)

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